Imagine if you only focused on 4 simple steps that were a proven, iron clad guarantee that you can elevate your yearly income?  What if you could actually achieve those new numbers, reach real goals, get more physically fit and schedule in more family time for real?  But in today’s highly digiphrenic world…you need a plan and maybe even a little help.

By its very nature, business can be a shock collar kind of industry.  With automated voice messaging, lead generation direct connection and more, we feel the need to be available at a moment’s notice 24/7 to connect and convert that prospect to a sale.  Not true….

When you model the habits of sales professionals that live life large AND have impressive profitability, here’s what you can do to achieve those levels in your own life and career:

  1. Start with a strategic plan – Clarify your vision by focusing on the next 6 months. Where do you want to be? What do you want to have? What can you see yourself doing, being and enjoying?  Nail the first 6 months first, then sprint to a year from now and then 3 to 5 years from now.  Don’t try to figure out how you will get there, but where you want to see yourself, your life and your bank account. When you see that vision clearly you are ready to Launch!
  2. Follow up with a business plan that focuses on:
    • Your Core Values: Define what your “why” really is for choosing your profession.
    • Be honest with your own detailed SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). When you identify what you can delegate, and concentrate on what you do best (lead generation) it frees up your time and reduces stress to allow you to shine as the rainmaker!
    • Budget: Know your numbers. What are you presently spending dollars on and what is the exact return on the investment? What expense do you need to eliminate?
    • Identify your 4 target for business. As an example, if your goal is to make $200,000 a year in gross commissions, each of your four pillars of business must support that amount. Look to focus on four areas with intensity and purpose and prospect each vertical with a goal to yield $200,000 a year in income.  Know what your success plan looks like and you will attract it into your reality.
    • The most important component of your business plan is your ACTION Plan. A solid business plan includes outlining detailed actions to generate that dollar amount from your marketing and prospecting activities
  3. Get there every day one step at a time: The key is to drill down to what you do every day.  Your daily habits will dictate how close or far you get from your target goals by focusing on how you spend your time in 30 minute increments.  When you break down the activity by how many appointments and conversions you need from each day to achieve your goals, they become more “doable” habits versus a big number goal that seems overwhelming.
  4. Get a coach! For focus, feedback and accountability, get a really good coach to help you stay on target to execute the activities required to enable you to ELEVATE and EXCEED beyond what you ever dreamed possible. Now is the time to make it happen!,

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