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  • Win This Year One Week at a Time

    Want to win this year – one week at a time? Check out this month’s issue of RISMedia Magazine and get a free Daily Success Habits Tracker to help you stay focused and rack up more profits! Click here to read my article.

  • Will you Plan to Fail or Fail to Plan?

    It’s that time again when all of our numbers get set back to zero, and as we launch into a brand new year you might be wondering why your plan for last year didn’t go as expected. If you are like most people, you had high hopes last January as you set great expectations for […]

  • 101 Best of TUNNEY SIDE of Sports Columns – New Book!

    Jim Tunney’s New Book! 101 Best of TUNNEY SIDE of Sports Columns This follow-up to 101 Best of TUNNEY SIDE of Sports Columns includes another 101 newspaper columns by former NFL referee Jim Tunney that look at sports issues good, bad, right, or wrong and draw from them positive examples for everyday living. His insights […]

  • “How will YOU spend your New Year’s Weekend?”

    For those of you who are taking off this weekend, have fun! When you think about it, it’s kind of silly to even say that because if they are taking off this weekend they aren’t likely to have read this post, and if they read it later, it won’t matter. For those of you who […]

  • Official ‘Together Strong Day’

    It’s Official, December 3, 2015 is ‘Together Strong Day’ Together Strong Day represents ‘a sudden radical complete change—a time for us to come together for unity and respect for all diversity.  

  • The Shepherd – Frederick Forsyth

    #Believe Sending Warm Wishes To You, Your Family and Friends For a Joyful and Beautiful Holiday! The Shepherd – Frederick Forsyth – read by Alan Maitland from CBC Radio

  • Does Your New Business Plan Include These Secret Components?

    It’s that time again to start thinking about writing a business plan for 2016. As we wind down the year end clock, are you wondering why your plan for last year has fallen short? If you are like most of us, you had high hopes at this time last year and were excited and hopeful […]

  • Do You Practice a “Culture of Excellence”?

    It was another item on my checklist; Order more Spanx from Nordstrom’s during their annual hosiery sale. So I made a call to the Chicago store and asked for Ms. Murphy (no relation to me) who has helped me previous years and after a brief chat, she happily took my order. Good..Done…Next… Weeks passed and […]


    Check out the first edition of SMARTGUY – determined to be the best magazine for small businesses. It is being delivered to over one hundred thousand business owners starting today. You can view it HERE Enjoy it – you will find great articles on growing your business both online and online with integrated links, articles […]

  • The Power of Leveraging!

    It is interesting to note how many sales people don’t’ get it…the power of leveraging your raving fans to people who could be a prospect for your services. Since this professional networking service excelled past the 100-million-user mark in March, it has proved to be the predominant positioning tool for easier referrals and to get more business. […]

  • The Compound Effect

    Do you use the compound effect for success or failure?” Did you notice that life has a never-ending “to-do” list? If you are like many of us overachievers, you want to do it all and really try to get “it” all done but how well do you do that when “life” happens to get in […]